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CARE ABOUT RARE: Rock On for Yiannis!

IRF2BPL is an ultra-rare, progressive, ultimately fatal neurological genetic childhood disorder. Kids with IRF2BPL lose the ability to walk, talk, swallow, eat, and breathe. Most don’t live past 10. Some say IRF2BPL is “too rare to care about,” but we in the indie music community care about rare. And so do their parents, caregivers, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers….This is a race against time to fund a cure. So please donate anything you can — even a single dollar counts more than you know. Share this far and wide. And show the world that you care about rare, too.


In summer of 2022, just shy of their son’s second birthday, Angela and Chris Papazoglou received the worst news a family can get: Their beautiful Yiannis has IRF2BPL. Imagine finding out that your child has a fatal disease with no cure — and then that it’s so rare only a few dozen people have heard of it. Instead of giving up, the Papazoglous started Yellow for Yiannis, a 100% nonprofit organization dedicated to researching IRF2BPL and helping the families affected by it. They’ve already helped kids with IRF2BPL get custom car seats, access medical care, and receive other necessities to make their lives a little easier. Now this remarkable family, and all the families they help, need help…from YOU!

The death of even one child is catastrophic. No child leaves this world without diminishing the light of everyone who loves them. Please donate, share, and tell the world to care about rare!

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