New Release Renegades: The Curators


Christina Vox and Greg Stix are the husband and wife team (and the peanut butter and jelly) behind vox + stix (an online-only cover band), vox + guest  (an indie music show), vox reacts: music reviews by Christina Vox, and now vox + stix plA-listers.

Christina is a singer, both in vox + stix and Shadowband, as well as on numerous indie collabs. She’s also the host of vox + guest, the writer of the vox reacts reviews, and the founder and sole admin of Band Together, one of the largest and most active groups for indie musicians on Facebook.

Greg is the drummer for vox + stix, as well as the organizational machine and tech wizard behind their band and many projects. He also creates music videos for many of the bands featured on vox + guest and Shadowband, as well as show intros for other indie projects.

Blue Grazer Records: It’s not a record company. Not really. It’s two guys with a website, a Facebook page and a bunch of ideas doing all they can to help their friends in the Indie Music Community.
Geo Stough is the man behind The Deck of Many Bands, an ongoing collection of tarot-sized, show-off worthy cards displaying international indie bands, their location, and a scannable link to their music. Any Band, any genre, any location, FREE to be included! 320+ musicians and bands in the collection and growing everyday!

CountryTune Network envisions a world where music is a universal language that brings people together.

Their goal is to create a platform that allows people from all over the world to discover and enjoy country music that they might not have heard of.

Fossegrim Records is a South Jersey-based record label operated by Kevin Corr. He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer who fronts his one-man viking black metal and industrial metal project Eternal Forlorn.