Epic Explorers: The Curators


Kristy McClellan, AKA AFYRA, is a composer of Epic music that creates the soundtrack of our lives. Her goal is to take you on a musical journey with each composition.
Ghost of Rucker 的幽灵拉克 emerged as a compelling figure in the music scene from the US, with a presence that resonates through his enigmatic moniker. His audio and visual collection signifies the beginning of a musical journey marked by a commitment to craft and a penchant for evocative artwork. His work is not just a collection of tracks but a cohesive experience that invites listeners into his unique soundscape.

Keith of Knightfall began his journey into the realm of metal music unexpectedly with the iconic sounds of Megadeth's "Symphony of Destruction," echoing through the jukebox of an arcade during a camping trip. This chance encounter ignited a passion within him, leading to the purchase of his first metal album, Megadeth's "Countdown to Extinction." While the grunge era of the 1990s held sway, Keith found himself drawn to the anthemic melodies and flamboyant energy of 80s hair metal, shaping his musical preferences and inspirations.

In the year 2000, Keith's musical odyssey took a transformative turn when he stumbled upon the Finnish Power/Symphonic Metal band Stratovarius, delving deeper into the symphonic metal genre. It was through this exploration that he discovered Nightwish, captivated by the mesmerizing melodies of their song "Wishmaster." The release of Nightwish's "Once" album in 2004 solidified Keith's resolve to one day create his own symphonic metal masterpiece.

In 2008, Keith came tantalizingly close to realizing his dream with Evince Ethos, later known as Anaria. However, fate had other plans, and Keith found himself embarking on a long hiatus from music, spanning over a decade. Despite the hiatus, the fire ignited by his metal musings continued to burn within him, fueling his determination to one day bring his symphonic metal vision to fruition.