Christina = vox

Christina has been singing for almost 40 years, although she doesn’t get asked to perform “Tomorrow” from Annie at family parties nearly as often as she used to. After decades in both cover and original bands, she took time off from singing professionally to become a mom. She returned to music with her former band Out After Curfew, where she and her husband/drummer Greg enjoyed almost four years before forming vox + stix in late 2020. Christina can usually be found harmonizing to literally anything, including the beep of the microwave, and avoiding the sun at all costs. #FairGirlsUnite

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Greg = stix

Greg started drumming at nine years old and was in competition-level marching band all throughout high school. (And, yes, he got plenty of dates, okay?) After decades away from music, Greg decided to revisit sitting while playing and got back behind the kit in 2015, holding down the percussion in various bands until he and Christina formed Out After Curfew in 2017. Four years later, Greg is now bringing his signature #dadjoke energy to vox + stix. When not banging on things, Greg is busy customizing his e-drums (more cowbell, anyone?) and performing computer wizardry at his day job. Between IT and drumming, they don’t call him The Machine for nothing!

Brian = keys + synth

Brian is not completely certain how he wound up in vox + stix, but he is thrilled nonetheless to have a new group of friends helping him re-engage with his musical side. In the 90s, with no understanding of the phrase “responsible life plan,” Brian ditched a burgeoning medical career to become a Broadway pianist. Soon regretting that decision, and with a rather poor sense of timing, he started an Internet company in the late 90s near the peak of the dot-com bubble. Brushing himself off from that disaster, his self-esteem crumbling, Brian turned to therapy only to find his therapist fast asleep during one of his sessions. He fell shattered into the seedy underworld of IT and reemerged recently wondering what it was all for.

Chris = bass

Chris discovered only pretty recently that he’d actually been a bass player all along. He’s an escaped lawyer who’s also been a high school English teacher and the chairman of the board of a Zen center in New Rochelle, NY. Now he’s grateful to have found his true calling, side-by-side with Greg in the glittering, smoke-free engine room of vox + stix.

Jeff = lead guitar + vox

Jeff scored tickets to his first Rush show at the age of 13 and got his first guitar that same week. (He got a guitar teacher the week after that). He’s since played in a variety of bands, playing everything from classic rock to progressive and instrumentals to originals. Jeff works as a producer and sound designer, which helps support his love of gear, textures, and soundscapes, all of which seem to find a place in his music.