vox + SONG! Shadowband world premiere

Join Christina and Greg as they air the exclusive world premiere of Shadowband’s first single, Wicked Woman, with a video by Greg of vox + stix. Shadowband is the new indie supergroup featuring Tom McElman, Joe Booe, and Christina Vox. Come hang in the Always Hilarious Chat™ with the community — and listen to Tom be badass, see if Joe is actually wearing a shirt, and watch Christina squirm as the tables are turned! 

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vox + stix is an online cover band located (mostly) in NY, playing music people love, forgot they love, and don’t know they love yet. Our set list, unlike literally any other cover band in the history of the world, spans many genres and decades, such as classic rock, pop, 80s, 90s, and today’s music, whatever that’s called. Seriously, we know your mind is absolutely shredded right now because you’ve never heard a cover band with this description before. It’s like seeing a unicorn. Or Bigfoot. Or Bigfoot riding a unicorn. If you want to continue to gaze upon this completely original musical marvel, please give us a like and a follow. We also accept snacks.